Simple And Affordable System For Guided Surgery

Complete solution for cranial and ENT guided surgery

ClaroNav is a system providing a complete, affordable, simple to use, and customizable solution for Cranial and ENT Image Guided Surgery. It combines the unique Claron MicronTracker 3rd generation optical tracking technology with the richness of Claron's Withinsight visualization, segmentation and registration software platform. Its customization capability enables corporate customers to adjust the system to their specific needs in a very short time.

Key Features

Complete System: The hardware includes all the components required to support the clinical procedure: tracking camera, tracked tools, fiducials/face mask, patient tracker, cart, computer and screen for surgical viewing. The software supports all workflow stages: reviewing the imaging data set, defining targets and regions to be avoided, patient registration and real time guidance to target.

Easy to Use: ClaroNav has been designed for intuitive and simple operation by the clinical user, and thus requires minimal training and usage support. It incorporates streamlined user interface and extensive use of the MicronTracker video capabilities for visual feedback.

Compact: ClaroNav uses one mobile cart and consumes minimal floor space in the OR. The MicronTracker camera is small and lightweight. It can be easily moved to serve multiple operating rooms.

Rich functionalities:  ClaroNav provides support for all guided surgical activities based on CT and MRI imaging data.

  • DICOM browser supports loading and visualization of imaging data
  • Fast 3D navigation to locate and mark targets
  • Fast and accurate automatic patient-image registration using Claron's unique fiducials and face mask. Manual landmark and surface based registration is available as a back-up
  • Real time visualization during navigation showing the tool location with relation to the image and targets using a selection of views

Affordable:  All key technologies used in ClaroNav, from tracking to visualization and registration, were developed efficiently in-house. Claron, therefore, has a very low per-unit cost, allowing it to offer ClaroNav at a fraction of the price of other guided surgery systems.

Customization:  ClaroNav system can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Corporate customers may want to use their specific UI "look and feel" and define their own visualization layouts. The system is provided with application source code so customization can be done by the customer or by Claron.

Remote mentoring: Claron's unique TeleSync technology provides a mechanism for an expert to remotely assist in real time the surgeon in the OR.

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