Our company is dedicated to the development of medical image processing solutions. We were founded in 2001 by Claudio and Doron (hence the name), both having a rich experience in developing sophisticated medical 3D visualization technology. Unlike most high-tech medical start-ups, the founders chose not to raise external funding, electing to bootstrap the company using money obtained from contract development projects. They kept company overhead low by working out of their home, and doing some of the innovative pose tracking development (which evolved into MicronTracker) in their proverbial garages. The same spirit of technical excellence, low-overhead, informality and "just do it" attitude, remains at Claron today.

Claron experienced rapid growth since 2005, expanding the range of technologies and capabilities it offers while diversifying its customer base. Based on its 5-year revenue growth, it was recognized by Profit Magazine as one of Canada's fastest growing companies in 2009 (130th), 2010 (82nd), 2011 (191th) and 2014 (305th).

Despite our rapid growth and the accumulation of a wide portfolio of proprietary technologies, we have been profitable nearly each and every year of operation since our founding.

In January 2015, the Enterprise Imaging division of the company was acquired by Lexmark Inc and integrated with Perceptive Software as the Vizualization division of the company. We will initially be operating as Claron Technology | from Perceptive Software.

Claron is clearly an engineers' company. All our executives and nearly all our employees come from a strong technical background. Our engineers maintain direct contact with OEM customers and clinical end users, which greatly helps us develop a shared common vision of what needs to get done to make customers happy, our foremost concern.

When we ask our customers what adjective comes to mind when they think of Claron, we often get the answer "efficient". We are perceived as being able to make a lot of progress quickly using only a  few engineers. We believe the two key factors enabling this efficiency are a rare assembly of highly capable individuals, and our guiding principles:

  • Start simple: We first aim for the simplest, easiest, solution that has a reasonable chance of succeeding. We then develop it quickly and put it in the hands of users. Even if we don't succeed in the first cycle, we obtain valuable insights we couldn't have obtained otherwise.
  • Just do it: We prefer energetic common-sense action to lengthy analysis, careful planning, consultation and coordination. If we make mistakes, we simply correct course quickly. Of course, this works well because we start simple.
  • Focus on meeting customer needs: Processes, structures, management techniques, tools and design principles surely have value. We prefer, however, to spend as much of our time as possible working directly on what is useful to customers.
  • Let exceptional employees work wherever they want: Employees with unique skills are free to work anywhere. This allows us to access a worldwide pool of exceptional talent. Even our executive team is spread across Toronto and California.

While we develop rapidly and efficiently, we also keep a close watch on product quality and safety. This was certified and is periodically ensured by ISO and customer audits against key industry standards, including ISO 13485 (design and manufacture of medical devices), ISO 14971 (risk management) and CMDCAS (Canadian Medical Devices Conformity Assessment System). We are proud of passing all audits to date with flying colors.