Withinsight Framework

Enabling Rapid & Efficient Development of Medical Visualization Solutions

WIF is a medical imaging software platform offering companies the fastest and lowest cost path to bringing innovative advanced visualization solutions to market.

withinsight2WIF consists of reusable .NET components which encapsulate many man-years of effort that would otherwise would need to be expended by the customer. Just as importantly, they encapsulate decades of experience its developers obtained while developing a wide range of medical imaging visualization applications, and a previous generation, widely-used, medical imaging platform (IAP).

Conceptually, WIF contains two overlapping subsets of components, the WithinsightTM Automation Framework (WAF) and the Withinsight Visualization Framework (WVF). WAF-based software is expected to accomplish computer vision tasks ("With-Insight"), such as enhancement or suppression of features, resampling, segmentation and labelling of anatomical regions, registration (intra-patient, patient-patient, patient-atlas) and abnormality detection (CAD). These tasks are typically executed automatically in preparation for more efficient subsequent visualization by humans. WVF-based software enables interactive visualization and analysis of data ("Within-Sight"), such as controlling multiple cross-correlated volume-rendered views of a single or multiple data volumes, clipping and colorizing spatial regions of the data, and measuring statistics. The fast and flexible rendering engine in WVF is CPU-based, eliminating the complex configuration, maintenance and support issues involved with using game cards.

withinsight2WIF is designed to accommodate a wide range of deployment and integration modes from a simple desktop program which is full WIF-based, to complex multi-server enterprise-wide installations requiring that WIF be integrated into one or more legacy systems, and to “cloud-ready” installations such as Claron’s Nil family of zero footprint products.

We offer high flexibility in tailoring WIF licensing agreements that best fit the unique circumstances of each customer. For example, we are open to providing client developers with access to WIF source code, and to business arrangements where no per-copy license fees need to be paid.

The first WIF-based product started shipping in 2008. We are committed to continue evolving and expanding WIF in response to market needs for many years to come.